Portugal- Brazil and the Olive Oil

31 October, 2018 Discover Olive Oil, Discover Portugal

Portugal- Brazil and the Olive Oil

The connection between Portugal and Brazil, dates from the time of the discoveries, when the brave and fearless Pedro Alvares Cabral adventure between seas and oceans never navigated before to the discovery of the lands of Vera Cruz. Thus begins the history between Portugal and Brazil that continues until the present day.

The habits and traditions brought by the Portugueses to the land of Brasil, have made this people stay with gastronomic habits and tastes similar to the Portuguese people, which gave rise to a large volume of exports between Portugal and Brazil.

Within the range of the main products exported to Brazil is the sacred oil …. the olive oil.

In the 2016/2017 campaign, about 60 thousand tons of olive oil were imported into Brazil. Exports to Brazil correspond to almost 2/3 of Portuguese olive oil sales abroad. In 2017 there was a strong increase in exports to countrie, Venezuela and Mozambique, as well as to France and the United Kingdom.

Portugal takes the lead with regard to the supply of olive oil to Brazil. The production of olive oil in Brazil is very low, due to its climatic characteristics, which aren’t favorable to the production of olive oil.

One of the most important and decisive factors for the high export values of national olive oils is their high and recognized quality in the four corners of the world. Brazilians are huge lovers, of olive oil, not only due to its recognizes quality but also for its unusual taste and texture.

One of the Portuguese inheritances kept in the table of the Brazilians and much appreciated is the cod. The combination of cod and olive oil is something that has also lasted in time. There are countless recipes present in our gastronomy that bring together these two ingredients so typically Portuguese and that are largely appreciated by the Brazilian people.


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