OliveEmotion : Interview with Isabel Faria

29 January, 2022 Discover OliveEmotion, News

OliveEmotion : Interview with Isabel Faria

The interview published by @veronicalavenia_ in the digital magazine The Wolf Post about OliveEmotion
OliveEmotion is the story of a Portuguese brand that bets on one of the oldest and most precious assets in the world: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

OliveEmotion tells the ancient and noble tradition of extra virgin olive oil Portuguese, through an olive oil produced entirely in Portugal, in the Alentejo region, with native cultivars, by small local farmers.

The result is a sustainable EVOO, rich in polyphenols and the typical aromas of Portuguese cultivars, as Isabel Faria, entrepreneur and creator of the brand, has already crossed national borders.


Olive Emotion is a young but equally ambitious brand. When was the company born and what are the main goals to be achieved in the short and medium term?

The main objective at the beginning was to create a brand that promoted extra virgin olive oil with olives originating traditional from small olive trees in Alentejo, Portugal.

We seek the best origin, quality and taste and believe that by triggering differentiated culinary experiences, we could promote the tremendous potential that olive oil has in the culinary world.

Being such an attractive and healthy product, this liquid gold was fully aligned with nutritional trends and offered the tremendous potential to experiment and create around it. And so, create emotions around these experiences and those moments. That’s how OliveEmotion came to life.

Being a young brand, it continues to increase its awareness and starting its presence in different markets. We hope, in the short and medium term, to promote more experiences around olive oil, be they culinary or travel-related where you can learn about olive oil, the production process and its health benefits

In which area of Portugal is your company located and what is the characteristic of this geographical area, such as to make the olives and Extra virgin olive oil you produce special?

The company is headquartered in Lisbon but the groves and the olive oil mill are in the region of Vidigueira. Vidgueira is located in the heart of Alentejo between Évora and Beja and owes its development mainly to agriculture. It is a well known region for wine but where olive oil has grown in importance. With the Portuguese cultivars of Galega, Cobrançosa and Cordovil de Serpa being dominant within the small olive groves and providing a unique and distinct balanced flavor to the olive oil.

Ana Rosado, agricultural consultant, is one of the flagships of your company. What relevant contribution this professional continues to give for the success of the product?

Ana Rosado has been with the company since the beginning choosing the Extra virgin olive oil blends, ensuring our product meets the highest standards while selecting the producers we work with. She has been instrumental in launching the product into the market meeting all legislation requirements. Nowadays, she continues to be key in ensuring the quality and diversity of our blends.

What are the cultivars with which the oil is made?

The cultivars are mainly three: Galega, Cobrançosa and Cordovil de Serpa and the blend varies in proportion on a yearly basis to provide the tastiest olive oil. It is always an extra virgin olive oil with an acidity below 0.2%.

Why is your Extra virgin olive oil special?

The olives that make our Extra virgin olive oil and selected by it’s perfect sanitary and maturation condition. The blend is carefully developed with the right balance between varieties to create a superior quality Extra virgin olive oil. A medium fruity of green olives indicated for tasting, seasoning and finishing dishes. But what makes it really special is that it is created from the olives of Portuguese Producers, owning small groves that have developed this millenarian culture for ages.

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