OliveEmotion in Guide FLOS OLEI 2021

12 October, 2020 AWARDS

OliveEmotion in Guide FLOS OLEI 2021

OliveEmotion has just joined the Flos Olei 2021 guide with itos Olive Oil from Alentejo. This is the guide of the world of extra virgin olive oil, the international ranking of the best olive oil productions in the world, unanimously considered the most important publication in the sector worldwide. The Flos Olei 2021 guide represents a true journey to the world of quality extra virgin olive oil and is now in its twelfth edition. A kind of Olive Atlas that analyzes 500 excellent companies from 5 continents, in a total of 54 countries. Proud of another achievement so important in the sector. Special thanks to Ana Rosado for her excellent work with our olive oil.

See the complete guide in https://www.flosolei.com/…/flos-olei-2021-ecco-i-premiati/

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