Olive Oil Types

24 May, 2018 Discover Olive Oil, Features

 Olive Oil Types

What type of olive oils exist and how should you choose them?

Within the wide range of olive oils available today on the market, an olive oil should be chosen according to its culinary use and personal taste. The following typs are available:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Superior quality olive oil, with intense taste and odour to sane olive. It should not present any organoleptic defect. The acidity should be equal or less than 0.8%. It is suitable for direct consumption and ideal for seasoning in raw. The milder extra virgin olive oils are ideal for seasoning salads and other foods with milder taste, as well as sweets. On the other hand, the extra virgin olive oils with more intense flavour are best used with foods that are more intense and for some dressings.

Virgin Olive Oil – Olive Oil of good quality, with taste and odour to sane olive. Acidity is equal or less than 2%. Suitable for direct consumption and appropriate for roasts, soups, stews and marinades.

Olive Oil – Contains refined olive oil and virgin olive oil: It is refined olive oil enriched with virgin olive oil, aromatic and fruity. It is ideal for frying given it’s high resistance to high temperatures. It is cheaper, maintains the nutritional value of olive oil and has a quite high smoke point which allows it a number of uses. In addition, it forms a crust in the surface of the food, which prevents the penetration of olive oil in to the interior. With the use of Olive Oil for frying you obtain drier and more appealing fried foods.

Source: Casa do Azeite

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