Olive oil is a trend

8 November, 2018 Discover Olive Oil

Olive oil is a trend

Olive oil is no longer just a food used in the kitchen to be seen as a “fashion product” associated with a healthier and more regulated lifestyle. Starting to be classified as a gourmet and healthy product.
The use of olive oil as the basis for the culinary preparation was not always like now, for many years the oil was replaced with lard, sunflower oil and other saturated fats.
The rise of olive oil was achieved slowly, triggered by the growing interest of the population for healthy food and joining the influence and mediatism of the chefs who started to have the oil as the fat of choice. This symbiosis contributes to the demystification of the potential of olive oil as a product of excellence in the kitchen.
The dissemination of the scientific results concerning the numerous health benefits of olive oil and the numerous promotional campaigns carried out by both the European Union and the International Olive Oil Council have contributed to its rise of the new “fashion product”.
Thus the formula for the success of olive oil consisted of the union of these two factors: their gourmet dimension and the diffusion of its health benefits.
Thus giving rise to an increase in its consumption around 0.6% in the last 10 years.
Should be noted that the consumption of olive oil in the European Union accounts for around 55% of world consumption, although the consumption of olive oil in countries that were traditionally non-consuming, such as the United States of America, has experienced a strong increase in recent years. In the United States of America consumption almost doubled in 15 years, currently reaching about 306,000 tons .
The popularity of olive oil caused it to begin to be explored and its versatility was discovered in the use in other areas such as medicine and aesthetics.
In the area of aesthetics are already many aesthetic products such as moisturizers, massage oil and soaps that have in their composition olive oil, as it is rich in antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory, super-emollients and vitamin E. Olive oil in addition to nourishing the dry skin, helps minimize the action of free radicals, molecules responsible for premature aging.
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