MAKING OF – Discovering The OliveEmotion

5 June, 2018 Discover OliveEmotion

MAKING OF – Discovering The OliveEmotion

A new story is brought to life…this is the story of OliveEmotion…

It was in March 2018 that we started a great journey… lights, scenarios, actors, recipes, photographs and shootings and… OliveEmotion was brought to life…

It was an intense day, mixed with emotions of passion, inspiration, enthusiasm, desire and attraction for OliveEmotion…

As, when we meet someone for the first time, there is an initial phase, the phase of the Discovery, where we let ourselves be known and where we are… discovered… thus we want this to be the discovery of our OliveEmotion Olive Oil.

Be amazed and involved with the OliveEmotion Olive Oil and surrender to unique and intense emotions …

We want innovative combinations of olive oil with other ingredients that provoke emotions … the desire for the gift of the Gods…  attraction for unexplored flavours… inspiration for a journey to our gastronomy… passion for our traditions… and enthusiasm for olive oil and all it’s benefits…

Join us in the discovery.


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