Food Safety

Food Safety

Our producers are certified by the international standard IFS  (International Featured Standard)  certifying the safety and quality of food products and production processes.

Our producers from Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vinegars are scored at a Higher Level under IFS.

The olives from our producers are from the Portuguese varieties of Cobrançosa and Galega and have been selected by it’s perfect sanitary and maturation

Olive Oil with Emotion

The Partnership OliveEmotion and Ana Rosado is at the origin of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil OliveEmotion. This partnership enabled us to work on a set of innovative technical solutions, resulting in a high quality product.

At the origin of the superior quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil OliveEmotion lies the partnership with Ana Rosado since beginning of 2018.

With her, a first blend was developed mainly with Portuguese olive varieties, rigorously selected by it’s perfect sanitary and maturation condition and extracted in a modern mill with the best preservation conditions.

The partnership allows working with a set of innovative technical solutions that, through methodologies focused in valuing what is done best in Portugal, originates products of high quality, adequate to the needs of the national and international markets and associated to a concept of modernity and youth that the brand wants to convey.

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