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A premium Olive Oil brand that takes you to emotional connections for the rediscovery of olive oil and the attraction for unexplored combinations…

It would be pure selfishness to keep such a secret to ourselves…

This is a secret for those who like new experiences, to risk unusual flavours, to share the unforgettable at the table, to put the emotions to the test.

If you taste with your heart, you discover…

Discover an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from Alentejo, an awarded olive oil internationally that has been recognized for it’s quality


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The olive oil from OliveEmotion is an extra virgin olive oil from Alentejo , made with olives from small producers that have developed this millenarian culture  full of emotions…

Made mainly from olives from the Portuguese varieties of Galega and Cobrançosa selected by it’s perfect sanitary and maturation condition.

We have created a superior quality olive oil with an acidity below 0.2%. A medium fruity of green olives

Indicated for tasting, seasoning and finishing dishes, however can be used in all types of gastronomy.

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Awarded Olive Oil for it’s quality. Medium fruity from green olives, complex, very fresh and balanced. Composed mainly by the varieties Galega and Cobrançosa .  Slightly bitter and spicy and with a harmonious finish of dried fruits. Acidity <0.2%. Produced in Alentejo. Packaged in bottles of 500ml and 250ml.

Kit “Olive Duo”

Double the Emotion with the Kit “Olive Duo” in gift box.

Kit “Olive Vinegar”

The Kit “Olive Vinegar” has all our available vinegars where you can share and even offer to family and friends.

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