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And that’s what happened when we created our olive oil.

We discovered the pulse of the Earth and bottled the wind that kisses our olive trees. We have dropped prejudices and mixed the best varieties to offer all the pleasure of tasting.
9 August, 2018 1 Comment
Diabetes (type 1 and 2) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil contains an ingredient, called oleocanthal that is highly anti-inflammatory. And diabetes is an inflammatory condition. Olive Oil Helps Diabetes type 1 and 2 in 3 Ways: Reduces Glucose and A1C Helps cholesterol Reduces inflammation The A1C test is a blood test that provides information about your average levels of blood glucose, […]

1 August, 2018 2 Comments
Cancer Prevention with Extra virgin olive oil

Epidemiological studies suggest that Extra virgin olive oil in its pure state (not cooked) exerts a protective effect against certain malignant tumours (breast, prostate, endometrium, digestive tract, …) and also helps to combat cancer cell with its antioxidants. It is low in saturated fat and high in omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the risk of […]


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Awarded olive oil for it’s quality. Medium fruity from green olives, complex, very fresh and balanced. Composed mainly by the varieties alega and Cobrançosa . Slightly bitter and spicy, very persistent in the mouth with a harmonious finish of dried fruits. Acidity <0.2%. Produced in Alentejo. Packaged in bottles of 500ml and 250ml.

Let yourself be amazed and embraced with the OliveEmotion olive oil and surrender to intense and unique emotions.

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