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And that’s what happened when we created our olive oil.

We discovered the pulse of the Earth and bottled the wind that kisses our olive trees. We have dropped prejudices and mixed the best varieties to offer all the pleasure of tasting.
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Olive oil and ageing

OLIVE OIL AND AGEING Olive oil is rich in various antioxidants (vitamin E, polyphenols, …) which play a positive, biological role in eliminating free radicals, the molecules involved in some chronic diseases and ageing, and in extending life expectancy, which has been demonstrated in several epidemiological studies. Many ageing-related diseases are influenced by diet, in […]


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Awarded olive oil for it’s quality. Medium fruity from green olives, complex, very fresh and balanced. Composed mainly by the varieties Cordovil, Cobrançosa and Galega, with marked notes of green olive leaf, fresh herbs, green banana peel and notes of green tomato. Slightly bitter and spicy, very persistent in the mouth with a harmonious finish of dried fruits. Acidity <0.2%. Produced in Alentejo. Packaged in bottles of 500ml, 250ml and 100ml.

Let yourself be amazed and embraced with the OliveEmotion olive oil and surrender to intense and unique emotions.

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