Cancer Prevention with Extra virgin olive oil

1 August, 2018 Benefits, Discover Olive Oil

Cancer Prevention with Extra virgin olive oil

Epidemiological studies suggest that Extra virgin olive oil in its pure state (not cooked) exerts a protective effect against certain malignant tumours (breast, prostate, endometrium, digestive tract, …) and also helps to combat cancer cell with its antioxidants. It is low in saturated fat and high in omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Extra virgin olive oil antioxidants

Extra virgin olive oil contains an abundance of phenolic antioxidants that are potent inhibitors of reactive oxygen species and is associated with a reduced risk for several types of human cancer – the main compound referred is an antioxidant called oleocanthal – found only in certain types of olive oil.

In the lab, something amazing happened: It wiped out the cancer cells in less than an hour. Even better, the oleocanthal didn’t harm the healthy cells.” Oleocanthal “induced cell death in all cancer cells examined as rapidly as 30 minutes after treatment in the absence of serum.

A number of research studies have documented that olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer. Eating a healthy diet with olive oil as the main source of fat could considerably lower cancer incidence.

Antioxidants, such as Oleocanthal, help to combat heart disease and cancer – two of the biggest killers worldwide.

Cell oxidation is one of the major risks in the formation of cancer: the more susceptible the cell is to oxygen, the greater the risk of cancer.

Why Extra virgin olive oil helps on preventing and fighting cancer?

The cell mutations caused by cancer are partly due to toxins which, when consumed through the diet, attack DNA. On passing through the liver, these toxins produce free radicals that then attack DNA. To combat such free radicals, the body needs vitamins and antioxidants like those contained in Extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil also contains a lot of vitamin E which maintains healthy skin and eyes and strengthens the immune system.

The daily prescription?

At least 1 tablespoon daily of Extra virgin olive oil in its pure state (not cooked), and no more than 3 tablespoon daily.

Using “food as medicine” – “foods like extra virgin olive oil are medicine, pure and simple.

Highest intakes of olive oil compared with the lowest intakes were 34 per cent less likely to have any type of cancer (…) particularly breast cancer.

As a conclusion, Extra virgin olive oil is a fat rich in antioxidants and important vitamins, has anti-inflammatory properties and may also reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cardiovascular disorders and diabetes.

For most people, the oil (Extra virgin olive oil) is going to benefit nutrient absorption.

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In addition, since olive oil is also associated with weight loss, even dieters can pour a liberal amount over their greens.









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