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26 November, 2018 Discover Olive Oil, Features

Positive and Negative Attributes of Olive Oil

Each olive oil has its distinct flavor, at a tasting experience, different positive and negative attributes can be detected depending on the varieties of olives used, the phytosanitary conditions of the olives, as well as the soil and climatic conditions, among others. What are the positive attributes of Olive Oil? Spicy Bitter Herbal / Spice […]

19 November, 2018 Discover Olive Oil, Features

4 Myths of Olive Oil

Next week, World Olive Day will be celebrated, more specifically on November 26, declared by the International Olive Oil Council, therefore we will unravel some myths about its most precious gift … the olive oil. The sacred oil is characterized by its unique nutritional composition, consisting of triacylglycerols, which have a high content of oleic […]

15 November, 2018 Discover Olive Oil, Features

How many olives are needed to make one liter of olive oil?

To answer to this question, we will tell the history of the characters involved in the production of olive oil, since the growth of the small olive tree until obtaining the olive oil. Olive Tree Olive Tree is a tree native from the Asia Minor, typically cultivated along the entire coast of the Mediterranean Sea […]

31 October, 2018 Discover Olive Oil, Discover Portugal

Portugal- Brazil and the Olive Oil

The connection between Portugal and Brazil, dates from the time of the discoveries, when the brave and fearless Pedro Alvares Cabral adventure between seas and oceans never navigated before to the discovery of the lands of Vera Cruz. Thus begins the history between Portugal and Brazil that continues until the present day. The habits and […]

24 October, 2018 Benefits, Discover Olive Oil, Features

Olive oil and its benefits for cardiovascular health

Science has been making major advances in discovering the many benefits inherent to extra virgin olive oil. It thus represents an indispensable food in the fight against diseases like diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, depression, osteoporosis, among others (earning the label of “superfood”). How can extra virgin olive oil be a beneficial food in reducing […]

4 October, 2018 Discover Olive Oil, Discover Portugal

Portuguese Gastronomy and Olive Oil

Let’s talk about Portugal, its culture and its gastronomic traditions responsible for being a holder of a Portuguese cuisine so rich and diversified, where all who pass by stand out and surrender and those who are here are eternally in love with our unique flavors and palates. Eating habits, the traditional diet and the products […]

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